Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Confessional Tuesday Again

So as I think I mentioned in my first confessional Tuesday my life is not so overflowing with exciting and crazy adventures that it leaves me with a whole lot of scintillating confessions. This week, however, I did not have to struggle to find my confessional subject.

Here's the thing I'm on vacation at my parent's house and while I told myself this would be a perfect time to get some writing done, the exact opposite is in fact true. First off I am not in my normal space or routine and secondly I just don't feel like it. It's the secondly that worries me.

I don't think I am alone in finding writing to be both my favorite and least favorite activity in the whole world - sometime in the same instant. The act of sitting down in front of the computer and making myself turn away from the internet, Snood, and all other distractions to finally put some words down requires some serious ass-kicking. If someone else could do the ass-kicking for me it would be great because I am not a terribly flexible person (when I was in elementary school and we had the gymnastics/tumbling section, my kind gym teacher used to excuse my pathetic sommersaults and cartwheels with a, "Kate's tall" as if this explained everything.) and kicking my own ass if difficult, but that's the thing, in the end the only person who can kick your ass is you. Wow, that last statement is either exceedingly wise or utter nonsense... what can I say? I'm on vacation.

At any rate here is the bargain I am striking with myself - I will keep up with my blog while on vacation and catch up on some of my reading since it has been too long since I have fallen into a good book, but when I get back - my butt will be seated in front of the computer as I type away or else my butt will have an appointment with my foot.