Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Two Fulls Weeks Since My Last Post

Eeek. Who knew two weeks could go by so fast? Yes, it is more than a little embarrassing that at the end of my last post I made the promise to continue blogging throughout my vacation - but what can I say - I got busy.
Not to bore anyone but some of my activities while I was in my wonderful hometown of Buffalo, NY included:

-Seeing Wicked. I have loved this show since years ago when I first heard the cast recording, and have been dying to see it, however, it was pricey and I had decided against going due to financial concerns... when my wonderful friend Jenny bought me a ticket! We had great seats at the front of the balcony - and the show was just wonderful. I had forgotten how much I love seeing live theatre.

-Had a girl's night out complete with martinis, a Sex and The City viewing, and then an hour spent in the movie parking lot while we waited for a tow truck drive to arrive and give us a jump after Jenny had mistakenly left her lights on.

-A night out at the best dive bar ever called The Sterling Place. Wonderful selection of beers on tap (although I was pretty much finished after one pint), free popcorn, and the world's most delicious hamburger ever. Seriously, I do not know what the owner does, but it was so good that I actually stuffed myself and ate the whole thing - and it was a HUGE burger too.

-Another night out that started with an amazing Italian meal at Chef's and then Jenny proceeded to buy me more drinks than I could count while we played darts and pool at another local dive bar.
-Enjoying Shakespeare in the Park's production of King Lear.

-And finally lots of quality family time. Here is a picture of my son Jamie giving his little cousin Lucie a little love.


  1. Sounds like a GREAT time!

    I'd love to see Wicked.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! And yup - there's nothing like live theater! :)