Thursday, October 23, 2014

Who Killed the YA Scream Queens?

Apparently every single one of the YA Scream Queens were recently killed in a series of twisted and highly original ways. 

Which is so cool.

I mean terrible.

Can't it be both?

How about... terribly cool. And tragic. But mostly the first thing.

Which isn't to say that I did it. Even if certain people (Whitney Miller *cough cough*) are trying to point the finger at me.

If you want to find the guilty parties, then you need to find out who has a motive. Any idiot who's ever seen a few Law & Order repeats knows that.

And I don't got no motive. 

Okay, sure, I've been known to complain a few times that I wish the YA Scream Queens could maybe do a little less, well, screaming. But what can you do, it's right there in their name. Sure I might be a little sadder about their passing if they were the YA Whisper Queens, but I wouldn't kill them because of it.

But you know who would? Lisa Maxwell. I hear she's one of those people with super sensitive ears. And lately there's been some thumping sounds ringing in those same ears... sure sounds like your classic tell-tale heart scenario. Seems like maybe she should be moved to the top of the suspect list (and why you're at it, cross me right off it).