Friday, March 9, 2012

All In Good Time

Today's blog post is about time. Specifically about time in the publishing world, which is...






Of course, if you know anything about publishing, you already know this.

I knew this.

But knowing it and experiencing it are two different things. Being prepared to wait is not the same as being in the midst of waiting and having to bite your tongue to keep yourself from coming across as a little kid in the backseat of the car during a very long road trip who asks "are we there yet?" every five minutes.

So, I am not there yet. There, in this case, being Summer 2013 when ANOTHER LITTLE PIECE will be published by HarperTeen. At times there feels very far away, and that's when I need to remind myself of the progress I've made so far in this incredible journey.

Here is a quick recap.

June 2011 - Started sending out queries for ANOTHER LITTLE PIECE.

July 2011 - Joined forces with the amazing Alexandra Machinist of Janklow and Nesbit.

August 2011 - After a week on submission (this was one of those times when publishing went fast and I am sooo grateful for that) my book sold to HarperTeen.

November 2011 - Received first editorial letter and began my first set of revisions. I am one of those people who really enjoy revising (while first drafting, on the other hand, is like pulling teeth) so this was super happy times.

December 2011 - Friends and family ask for the bazillionth time - but now with an increasingly concerned tone - if I have gotten my contract/any money yet. I tell them "No, not yet, these things take time." They don't say it out loud, but I can tell that they are wondering if I have hallucinated this whole 'being published' thing.

January 2012 - I turn in my first revision - two whole days before my deadline!

January 2012 - My contract arrives! I call all my friends and family to let them know that it is now legal and legit - my book is really being published! I also make my husband take pictures of me signing the contract.

That's me actually signing my name to a legal and binding document.

That's me, sorta smiling, after being instructed by my husband to look happy.

January 2012 - Received my first check! Once again called friends and family to reassure them that this was really truly officially official.

February 2012 - Got word that marketing was starting to think about covers for Summer 2013 books - including mine!

February 2012 - Received second revision letter, along with my printed out MS full of wonderful purple inked comments.

March 2012 - Working on my revisions.

March 2012 - Joined Lucky 13s, an amazing group of 2013 debut YA and children's authors.

March 2012 - Joined Y2K13 - another awesome group of 2013 debut YA and children's authors.

And that brings us to now. Still working on my latest round of revisions - I have only two weeks until they are due! I'm also plotting out my next book, which I am about 10K words into and very excited about. Other than that, the journey continues. Sometimes with teeny tiny baby steps and at other times great leaps. Sometimes it's thrilling. Sometimes it's nerve-racking. Sometimes it's coma inducing.

I'm not there yet, but bit by bit - I will get there eventually.