Monday, April 15, 2019

Giveaway to celebrate launch of THE SHOW MUST GO ON

I'm running a special giveaway to celebrate the launch of The Show Must Go On and it's special limited time sales price of only $2.99 (it's also available for free through Kindle Unlimited).

One lucky person will win a $20 Amazon gift card, a signed paperback copy of The Show Must Go On, and a bookmark boyfriend.

25 newsletter subscribers will also win a bookmark boyfriend.

If you're wondering what exactly a bookmark boyfriend is - keep scrolling.

Hi. We're your bookmark boyfriends.

Do you like long walks on the beach?
Er, I hope not. This bookmark boyfriend likes to stay away from large bodies of water. Bathtubs are also not my favorite place to be - just a heads up on that one.

How about romantic candlelit dinners?
...Again, for me, that wouldn't be my first choice. I'm made of paper, so fire is a little dicey. 

How about instead we slip between the pages of a good book together? I'll hold the page when you need to go away. When you return we can make a sequel.

Or, if you don't read on paper, I'm also happy to coral the charging cord to your e-reader. Leave me on your bedside table and I won't be going anywhere - any room with you in it, is a room with a view.

So... who wants a bookmark boyfriend?