Friday, April 18, 2014


Back in January I did my 2013 wrapup. Yes, in January. I was a little behind. Nevermind. That's not the point here. The point is that one of the 'hug these pages and praise the book gods for delivering it to me' very most favorite books of 2013 was Mindy McGinnis's NOT A DROP TO DRINK. So, of course, I have been anxious to get my hands on the companion novel, IN A HANDFUL OF DUST. And since I know people, and Mindy McGinnis is one of those people, an advanced copy was sent directly to my doorstep.

So here's the deal with IN A HANDFUL OF DUST. First of all, if you haven't yet read NOT A DROP TO DRINK, this is normally the part where I'd tell you to go away and read it now and not come back until you finished it. And while I do think you should read DRINK (really you seriously should), you don't have to read it to understand DUST.

Unlike most trilogies and duologies and books that are serial in nature, the events in DRINK and DUST are self-contained. You could pick up one book and read it without any knowledge of the other and enjoy the heck out of it. BUT (and this is the fun part) if you read both books, then you get to fall in love with the characters, (and you will fall in love with the characters) and then when you meet them again in the next book, it will be like seeing old friends again. One of those old friends (my favorite character, Lynn) carries a gun, but she won't shoot you cause you're friends now. Well... she probably won't shoot you.

Personally, those are my favorite types of books, where the characters seem so real you feel like they could step off the page and possibly shoot you. And when you finish the book, you want to find out what their next adventure will be and where it will take them.

So, like I said, whether you've gotten around to reading DRINK (which again, you should) or not (yet anyway), you definitely want to get your hands on IN A HANDFUL OF DUST. And lucky you, I am giving away my copy! Check out the Rafflecopter below to enter!

BUT WAIT! That's not all! Act now by going to Mindy McGinnis's blog and you can have a chance to also win my next book: (DON'T YOU) FORGET ABOUT ME.

I know, you are wondering: What are all these book giveaway shenanigans? Well, Mindy and I are both members of the Class of 2K13 and although 2013 is behind us, we are still excited to celebrate each others new books coming out in 2014! Instead of throwing confetti in the air which is messy and needs to be vacuumed up and if it gets in your mouth yuck... what was I saying? Wait, I got it. Instead of confetti we are doing this giveaway! So yay for us not having to clean up confetti and yay for you getting to win books! It's a win/win because we are giving away two books AND because everybody wins... Well, except for the people who enter the giveaway and don't win books, for them its more of a, "Try again next time!"

The only thing bigger than the world is fear.

Lucy’s life by the pond has always been full. She has water and friends, laughter and the love of her adoptive mother, Lynn, who has made sure that Lucy’s childhood was very different from her own. Yet it seems Lucy’s future is settled already—a house, a man, children, and a water source—and anything beyond their life by the pond is beyond reach.

When disease burns through their community, the once life-saving water of the pond might be the source of what’s killing them now. Rumors of desalinization plants in California have lingered in Lynn’s mind, and the prospect of a “normal” life for Lucy sets the two of them on an epic journey west to face new dangers: hunger, mountains, deserts, betrayal, and the perils of a world so vast that Lucy fears she could be lost forever, only to disappear in a handful of dust.

In this companion to Not a Drop to Drink, Mindy McGinnis thrillingly combines the heart-swelling hope of a journey, the challenges of establishing your own place in the world, and the gripping physical danger of nature in a futuristic frontier.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

My Writing Process - Blog Tour

So today I am doing this blog tour thingy where writers answer these questions on their own blog and then tag more writers to answer the same questions! It's fun! In theory!

Okay, so I was tagged by the one and only Mindy McGinnis, which pretty much explains how I got pulled into this whole thing. Mindy is one of those people who when she asks "Are you in?", well you just immediately say yes and then later ask, "Um, so what exactly did I agree to?"

So without further explanation here are the writing process questions along with my super awesome answers.

A. What am I working on?

At this exact moment I am working on about four different things and deciding which one I want to focus on next. It is not an easy decision. I have two different futuristic sorta sci-fi ideas. A superhero thing. And a romance thing. I love/hate them all equally. 

B. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Ummm, ergh. Dude, this is a tough question. Okay, well, my debut novel ANOTHER LITTLE PIECE has lots of jumps in time, some scary imagery, a romance between two weirdos, and some paranormal happenings. It's a mystery that needs to be pieced together, a horror story, and a love story. As it straddles so many different genres, it's hard to pinpoint how it's different from all of them. You could sorta describe my next book--another YA standalone also with HarperTeen coming out June 10th!-- (DON'T YOU) FORGET ABOUT ME in a similar way, although it's a totally different story. 

C. Why do I write what I do?

I just follow the ideas I find most intriguing and that I can get excited enough about to write an entire novel around them. And apparently the ideas I get excited about are the weird ones.

D. How does your writing process work?

Sometimes slowly. Sometimes quickly. Sometimes easily. Sometimes so damned hard that I just want to quit. Sometimes the words flow. Sometimes I have to dig out each one out with my bare hands. 

Or in other words, I sit in front of my laptop and alternate between typing, staring into space, and procrastinating by checking my email for the bazillionth time that day.

So how does my writing process work? Like a junker car that you never know when it's gonna break down on you, and yet for some reason you have such affection for it, you wouldn't have it any other way.


And that's it for the questions! Again thanks to Mindy for including me in this blog tour and now it's my turn to pass the fun on! Next Monday you can look for these three people to answer these questions on their own blogs: