Saturday, July 19, 2008

Raise Your Glass, um, er, Saturday

So I meant to post a raise your glass Friday yesterday and I would like to be able to say I didn't post a raise your glass Friday because I was too busy raising an actual glass.. but no. I am just a slacker. At any rate without further ado here is my belated (not sure if I am actually allowed to use that word without sandwiching it between Happy and Birthday - and speaking of which exactly who was it that decided this was going to be the way to express birthday wishes to someone after their birthday had already passed and you had totally forgotten about it.) raise your glass entry.

Project Runway has returned!!! And The Closer! And Burn Notice!!! My TV cup over-floweth.

Also, found a hysterical new website - Two of the entries I found today actually made me laugh out loud.
This one addressing a suspected hay-stealer is funny, but the best part is found once you scroll down a bit to comment #15 from Quite Contrary where he has composed an excellent rebuttal note.
I also had to laugh at this note from one neighbor to another concerning noise in an apartment because my husband and I have lived on the third (and highest) floor in our apartment complex for a little over two years now and we had a woman who lived below us complain to management almost daily about our "heavy walking" above her (she even called the courtesy officer and made him come to our door once - where he seemed kind of embarrassed to see that our raucus activity was um, doing dinner dishes) and after she moved the people who replaced her have decide to take the much more direct communication route of when they feel like we are making too much noise (for example when my 14-month-old son was bouncing a tennis ball on the tile floor in the front entry-way) they just pound on their ceiling until we stop.

And finally because I love me some Joss Whedon I must raise my glass to his latest creation: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - which I learned about through a lovely NPR article.

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