Thursday, June 19, 2008

Odds and Ends

I really do not have a lot to report today. I have been busy this week prepping for a two week vacation to visit my family up North and while I am super-exited about this, it is always a pain to get our lives orderly enough that large chunks of it can be transferred elsewhere with us. Basically what I'm talking about here is laundry - and lots of it. Last night we did permanent press, today is hots and baby laundry and then tonight/tomorrow it needs to be packed into suitcases or plastic bags so it can be jammed into our car along with piles of toys to entertain Jamie, my husband Andy's golf clubs, and taking up more room than both of these enough shoes to get me through two weeks of activity. Dressy sandals, comfy sandals, two types of slip-on shoes, sneakers, and hmmm maybe another pair of heels just to make sure all my bases are covered. Yeah, that car will be packed.

In other news I spent some time a few days ago explored Time magazine's new list of the 50 Best Websites of 2008. There was some cool sites on there. Some of my favorites were: - it is a vocabulary quiz where the everytime you get a word right rice is donated to help end hunger. Warning: it is super highly addictive.
IMEEM - I actually haven't gotten a chance to check this music site out because my desktop which I spend most of my time on is currently soundless, but from Time's description it sounds like a great place to listen to streaming music for free. And I love things that are free.
Nymbler - Looking to name a character, a pet, or even a child? This site could be a good place to start.
Open Source Food - And finally because the only thing I like better than a new place to find recipes online is a new place to find recipes online that also has awesome amazing pictures of food - well let me just say that they had me from the first click on their home page. It's like food porn (sorry freaks who accidentally landed on this page while looking for sites that feature actual pornography and food - no go away).

For anyone who decides to check out the rest of Time's list I would love to hear what websites caught your fancy.