Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stephanie wins Top Chef Season 4!!!!

This entry has nothing to do with writing and everything to do with my own personal need to see women win reality shows. My deep and almost desperate need to see women win is second only to my desire to see the reality villain lose.

For this reason Season 2 of Project Runway when Santino lost to Chloe was my own personal V-Day - goodness and girl power triumphed over the evil forces in the world. Sadly, more often my reality shows give me little to celebrate. Out of four seasons of Project Runway Chloe was the only woman to win and in season 3 Jeffrey, a guy who proved again and again he was a bully and a jerk, (and no finding out at the end that heovercame a drug addiction does not absolve him) won and in Season 4 Christian, a diminutive one-note catch-phrase spewing machine (that's fierce) who was admittedly more obnoxious than evil, won.

It is the same story - or worse - for the rest of the reality shows I follow: Top Chef awarded three guys before finally giving the title to Stephanie last night (and Ilan and Hyung, winners of season 2 and 3, were both jerks), the blatantly misogynistic Donald Trump had only one woman win in four or was it five seasons of The Apprentice, and on The Amazing Race (a show were the winners are not determined by a panel of judges but rather by getting through a series of challenges both physical and mental) an all women team has never won and I cannot even count the number of times teams who are totally unlikeable have walked away with the million. (Although the season that they first brought in the sneaky Amber and Rob from Survivor and they lost in the finale was a major victory for teams who play nice.)

At any right not only is Stephanie a woman, but she is as equally nice and completely likeable as season 1 Top Chef winner Harold. If like me you are a Top Chef fanatic you must check out the link to the right for a fabulously bitchy Top Chef blog. Also here is an interview with Stephanie on the LA Times Blog:

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  1. Yay! I was so glad that she won too! It was totally great, especially since she was a likeable girl. If that Lisa had won... grr... that would have been horrible!