Friday, June 20, 2008

Raise Your Glass Friday

Ah, it is Friday at last and as much as I would like to sit back and sip a glass of wine while composing a leisurely post - instead I am going to chug down a bottle of Mountain Dew and then churn out a quick post so I can get back to packing and prepping for a through the night drive from Knoxville to Buffalo.

Since I don't want to give short-thrift to anything that deserves some serious toasting in its honor - today I will quickly raise my glass to Snood which in a moment of weakness a few weeks ago I recently re-downloaded onto my computer.

Snood is a highly addictive game that is my favorite way to waste time when I should be writing. However, it is also mindless enough that if I am mid-writing it is the perfect game to play while puzzling over where I want my narrative to go next. I have never been a big game person - in fact the last time I loved a game this much was when I used to play Tetris on classic Nintendo.

So to Snood - though most days I am cursing you - today I raise my glass!



  1. I'm glad you're enjoying the game! Your baby sure is cute.


  2. Snood, huh?

    I better steer clear away from that one. LOL!