Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Work In Progress Wednesday #20

OMG I cannot believe that I have reached the big TWO-OH in the WIP Wednesday postings. It's amazing how the weeks just keep stacking up like that, one after another. I guess it's also amazing that the basic math behind the passage of time is still so amazing to me.

Anyway, let's get to the actual progress of this posting.

First let me say that I am still working on revisions, BUT the end is near and I feel that Query Day (as so eloquently sung by Lady Gaga) will be here soon.

While I was recently away in Colorado for my brother-in-law's wedding I also had some time apart from my manuscript. In my last post I had pictures of my MS all printed out for my current round of submissions, and as you may remember, it was quite a hefty pile of paper. Since I told my husband that he could not under any circumstances bring his golf clubs on the trip (we were already checking two bags, plus a carseat and then there was all of our carry-on luggage) I didn't think it would be fair to slip my nearly five pound MS into our suitcases (especially with the added fees for going over the weight limits these days).

Although, last week I reported feeling sick of my WIP, it only took two days away before I began to feel some serious separation anxiety. To get through it, I played with my query letter a bit and started on my synopsis until the feeling went away, and told myself that as soon as I got home I would get to work finishing those damn revisions once and for all.

Except on Sunday night it wasn't my printed out five-pounder that I reached for, but rather a piece of blank notebook paper and a pen.

Yes, after months of being uncertain of what I would write next and feeling totally unable to think beyond my current WIP - I had a breakthrough.

Several years ago, before my husband and I were married, we spent Christmas in his hometown of Park City, Utah with my mother-in-law. In my family Christmas isn't Christmas without going to mass, and so we headed out on Christmas Eve for the Midnight Mass.

I think I've mentioned before that I went to Catholic school for nine years. I also came from the type of family that went to church every week without fail. What this means is that I sat (and stood, and sat, and stood, and kneeled, and stood) through many many many masses in my lifetime. And I have also heard a lot of homilies, and out of all the homilies that I have heard (even the one at my own wedding mass) the one that sticks in my mind most clearly is the one I heard during this Christmas Eve mass in Park City, Utah.

The reason I remember it so clearly is that the Priest began by comparing his difficulties writing that night's very important homily, with being constipated.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Midnight Mass. Christmas Eve. Holy Night. Silent Night. Bowel Movements.

Now many Priests choose to start their homilies with funny stories or anecdotes, but this one... Not to be a prude, or a stick in the mud, but this one was of questionable taste and appropriateness for the occasion.

That being said, as I was writing Sunday night and the words to this new story were flowing out of me, I couldn't help but remember this homily and think to myself that maybe this over-sharing Priest did in fact have a point.

Finally, as promised last week, here are some pics of my too-cute son all dressed up as the ring bearer for the wedding. And to my great surprise, he actually did make it all the way down the aisle holding the hand of the flower girl. Okay, we couldn't get him to do it without his pacifier (or bink as we call it) in his mouth, but at just two years old, I still think it was pretty impressive.

These pics are actually from after the ceremony while we were waiting for the reception to begin.

Okay, now it's your turn to over-share - please, tell me know how your work in progress is going.

OH! And don't forget to come back on Friday when I will be hosting this month's creative writing prompt. Elana hosted one in May, Christine did one for June, and now it is my turn to come up with something for July. I hope you'll all join me!

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  1. I personally think you should put your priests story IN a book. How funny! And your son is ADORABLE!!!

  2. Yes, I agree with Stephanie...too funny! And, so glad you had such a fantastic break through.

  3. After watching Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog the other night (for the nth time!) I've now got my own version of Query Day in my head to the tune of "Laundry Day" :)

    Glad you can see the light at the end of the editing tunnel! That's a good place to be. And congrats on having a creative break through! Dry spells are no fun at all.

    I kind of prefer the priest's analogy better than the standard "writer's block." There's just something much more... evocative about bodily functions (or lack thereof) vs. a giant, blank insurmountable wall or literal brick. Kind of teases the muse to at least giggle childishly ;)

    I've got my own WIP Wednesday posted at my blog.

  4. Awww, your son is a cutie. ;-) I'm glad you had fun with your family, and that when you got home, things started moving again. LOL

  5. Adorable pics! And that's funny that he wouldn't walk down the aisle without his bink! Too cute! And I'm glad you made a break through on ideas for your next novel! How exciting!

  6. Although that Christmas homily lacked taste, it certainly was spot-on in many cases.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one still pounding away at revisions.

    Wanna swap critiques when you're done? :-)

  7. Loved the pics, Kate. And I agree with your other commenters regarding the homily - too funny!!! Great job on a break through - don't those feel great. Can't wait to see what topic you pick for July.

  8. Stephanie - LOL, with all my years of Cathlicness I am sure that eventually a priest will find a way into one (or more) of my stories!

    Tess - Thanks, it definitely felt good to have the breakthrough!

    Violet - I LOVE Doctor Horrible!!! I actually haven't watched it since I bought it on I-Tunes when it first came out, which makes me think that I am due for a repeat viewing...

    Jessica - LOL, they did get moving, and now hopefully they stay that way!

    Jody - Yeah, we actually try to keep the bink away from him, but it was a tough weekend for the little guy, so we let him have it a lot more than usual.

    Kat - Pounding away at revisions is a good way to put it! And I would love to exchange crits - email me to work out the details.

    Christine - I can't wait to see what topic I pick either... okay, I have a few ideas swirling around, but nothing concrete yet.

  9. Aww, your son is pretty darn cute! Glad to see your progress! I am at 27k with rewriting Monarch. All is going very, very well. It's finally falling into place!

  10. Cute pictures! And I'm so glad that your words are flowing again.

  11. I love all your posts! And the story of the homily is great. How awesome to be writing in flow.
    And, your son is adorable and handsome!