Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday #19

This weeks WIP Wednesday post is going to mostly consist of pictures. This is because:

A. I am so sick of hearing myself talk about my revisions and my book in general. Yes, I have hit that point.

B. On Thursday morning (early morning, and regular followers should have a pretty good idea of how I feel about that) I, along with my husband and toddler son, are boarding a plane to Denver, Colorado. The trip is because my husband's brother is getting married this weekend in Boulder on Saturday. It should be a really fun time (not counting the plane ride required to get there) and I will be posting pictures next week of my son looking like the most precious thing ever in his suit that he will be wearing as the Ring Bearer for the ceremony.

Am I still on point B, without having actually gotten to the point? Sorry about that. Anyway, I have lots of getting ready to go stuff still needing to be done, and so an abbreviated post mostly consisting of pictures seems wise.

So, let's bring on the pics.

As you may or may not recall from last week, I discussed wanting to print out my WIP and see it on paper as opposed to the glaring computer screen. So, on Friday evening after dinner the family made a little trip to Staples, and we did just that.

Isn't the little box they put it in lovely? I am totally flaunting it.

And here are the pages filling up the box. It looks like a lot of pages doesn't it?

And even more from this out-of-the-box side view.

That's because it actually is a lot of pages. 325 of them to be exact and a smidge over 100,000 words at this point. Yeah, one of my revising tasks will be going through to cut some of those words out.

I didn't take a picture of the red pen that I bought, especially made for marking up the pages, mostly because it is pretty much your standard red pen. I mean, it came in a three pack that cost five bucks (my whole cheap thing at work again there) and it's most interesting feature is that it's a "gel" pen.

I haven't actually used that red pen yet, except on my query letter, which I have been putting most of my time these past few days into, while I give myself a tiny break from my manuscript. I am really itching to start querying though, so after this round of revisions I think it will be time to send my book baby out into the world.

And how has your weekly progress gone? Make any major process? Hit any milestones? Or are you just sick of talking about it?

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  1. Wow! How cool to have it looking so professional and clean! I print mine out after each chapter, but lately have been double siding the pages.

  2. Isn't it a beautiful sight to pring out a manuscript? So much of our work as writers is on the computer or in our it's cool when you get to see a physical manifestation like that. Cool stuff :)

  3. It's awesome, isn't it? I love holding a printed out manuscript in my hands. It makes the editing process a little more tangible and a little more worth it in a visual sense. Plus it's a lot of fun to heft up your hundreds of pages of story ;)

    Good luck with the red pen edits and enjoy your trip!

    I posted my WIP Wednesday over at my blog. :)

  4. My week... I'm sick of thinking and repeating myself, and yet I do!

    I think it is awesome you printed your ms, and the Staples box designers must read writers' minds, with their whole "flaunt it" thing. The stack of paper is so huge! Impressive!

    Good luck on your trip! I hope you and your family have a great time!

  5. I haven't been printing mine out. I probably should. My post is up now.


  6. No milestones here.

    I love printing out my manuscripts! It so fun and I love to mark things through with my trusty pen. :-) Hope you enjoy your edits!

  7. Isn't it amazing how big they are printed out? It really lends a new dimension to writing for me. I use to print them out all the time because it helped me edit better. Thanks for sharing your pics! It's inspiring.

  8. Ooo! It looks so pretty. :) I love seeing mine all printed out too. And I'm with you on being sick of talking about my WIP.

    Good luck on your edits!

  9. Love the pictures! I have done six major and countless minor revisions on my first novel (learning to become a better writer tends to do that to a person) - so I totally "feel" your pain!

  10. Hi, I found your blog through Tess's. I really love the look of all those pages printed out. And it's so nice to admire it for a little while before it becomes riddled with marks. I, also, love love love going to staples. There's just something in me that wants those colored pens for editing. One color for each different edit. (Maybe that's the OCD in me talking). Hah. Sounds like you're doing awesome, good luck with querying! :)

  11. I guess you're off to Colorado! Have fun!!! I LOVE the printed manuscript idea. I must do that when I get close to querying. Which will be, like, two year from now, haha. Okay, maybe not that long. But still.

    For WIP Wednesday yesterday, I should report that I'm up to 20k in my rewrite of Monarch. Feels pretty good. I'm hoping to hit 80k and stop there. 100k was just too blasted long. I'm sure you understand. :D

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  13. I like to print my books out two pages per page landscape, so that it turns out looking very close to a paperback. Single space, all that. I find I read it more like a real book and that gives me tons of room for notes.