Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday #18

Working it. Working it. Working it.

That is what I have been doing this past week, and I am happy to report that I am now one hundred and ninety-nine pages into my revisions. Okay, so yes, my WIP is currently 336 pages long (and getting longer every day - oh crap! but that is another story) - so I do have a ways to go still.

However, the bulk of the BIG changes I needed to make fell in the first 200 range, and I think that things will (hopefully) move a little faster now.

And once I get through this round of revisions, my next plan is to take a little trip down to the local Kinko's and print this sucker out (With my last MS, I tried to do it at home and that was a huge mistake. My ink jet printer took ffffoooorrrreeevvveeerrrr to print the whole thing out, and it totally killed a whole black ink cartridge.). I have yet to look at it on paper, and I think that is an important part of the revision process. In fact, if I wasn't so cheap I would probably print it out for every round of revisions, but alack I am really quite cheap... or maybe just frugal?

In other news from this week, something very exciting happened...

I got to meet a writing friend, live and in-person, and we got the comfy chairs at Starbucks, and the toddler stayed home with daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, it was pretty much my dream Sunday morning (Okay, technically we met at noon, so it was afternoon, but as I've mentioned before I am not a morning person, and so I usually count morning as going until 1... sometimes 2 on a very lazy day. And Sundays should always be very lazy days, it's like in the Bible and everything.) the only thing that was missing was a Belgian waffle with fresh berries, real maple syrup (Mmm... the real stuff is so much better, although once again, due to my cheapness I almost always buy the crappy imitation stuff), and whipped cream (I actually don't mind imitation Cool Whip or the stuff in the can here.).

Anyway, I got to meet Annie, since she was vacationing in the nearby town of Gatlinburg, and realizing that it was close to my home in Knoxville, TN she suggested that we get together. And so we did. And it was great.

And there we are. I am in the one in the white shirt, and Annie has the sunglasses on.

So, that pretty much sums up my week. How has your week in writing progressed? Hit any major milestones? Or have anything else exciting happen?

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  1. Sounds like some awesome progress on your WIP! It's so nice to see a manuscript printed out too. For some reason I always seem to catch more mistakes on paper than on a screen.

    And hanging out with writer friends in person is the best! It always reminds me I'm not totally crazy ;) Plus there's great conversation to be had about muses and progress over coffee.

    My WIP Wednesday post is over here :)

  2. That's so cool you got to hang-out with your writing friend! That's what I like best about going to writing conferences! :)

  3. Ooh, Starbucks should start serving Belgian waffles... now I want one.

    Congrats on getting through the big changes in your revision. And I always catch more on paper, so I think printing off at Kinkos is a great idea.

  4. Awesome progress! 199 pages is a LOT of revisions! And I'm so jealous you got to meet Annie! So fun and what a cute pictures. :)

  5. GREAT progress! Keep up the good work! I just got to meet a blogging friend this morning for coffee too! Was so much fun to finally meet and talk writing face to face!

  6. I vote for frugal. But then, my husband calls me the Penny Nazi. How fun to meet an net writing buddy!

    My WIP for today is over here. It involves onions.

  7. Violet - I always catch way more mistakes on paper too, that's why I like to leave the printing out for towards the end of revisions.

    Jennifer - It was great, and I would love to go to a conference one of these days - I guess I'll just have to save up!

    Annie - I think Starbucks could make an awesome Belgian waffle if they just put their minds to it;)

    Elana - I know exactly how you feel, I was jealous when you posted pics hanging out with Suzie and Mary.

    Jody - Wow, cool that you got to meet a online writing friend for coffee too - it really is such fun to make those in-person connections!

    Jaime - LOL, thanks - I prefer frugal as well. Or sometimes I'll go with thrifty. ;)

  8. Kate - you are amazing - that is a ton of progress. I did to get on with revisions...(Always a lot to do, right!)

  9. Wow! That's a ton of revising! Good job and keep at it!

    I vote for printing it out as well. I see the story so differently when it's printed and I can make marks all over the page.

    I've posted a bit about my progress and my plans here.