Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday #003

Today is Wednesday, which means that here at the lovers, the dreamers, and me - it is WIP Wednesday!

If anyone else out there in the blogosphere wants to join in on the fun, simply post your own WIP Wednesday entry on your blog and leave a link to it in the comments below. Or if you don't have a blog, feel free to report your progress directly into the comments box.

For more detailed information concerning what all this nonsense is about please consult the original Work in Progress Wednesday posting.

Now if you read last weeks WIP Wednesday you may remember we left off with a cliffhanger, wondering whether or not I would reach my word count goal and whether that word goal would bring me to "the end."

The answer is yes I reached my word goal, and no I did not reach the end. Here's the current state of my progress bar:

85498 / 85000 words. 101% done!

Yes, I am more than 100% done! And I also have no idea how far over 100% I will be when I am finally finished.

Still needing to be written is the big showdown and the dénouement. Those two together are probably good for another 5000 words or so. I guess I could just change my final word count number to 90K instead of 85K, but I really like looking at that completely full progress bar, so I think I'll leave it for now.

So, that's about it for this week. Once again I really want to be able to report next week that I am at "the end", but things on the real life side of my balance sheet have been adding up and cutting into my writing time lately. Regardless, "the end" is near and already I am starting to think about getting down to the business of first rewrites and then hunting down some willing beta readers to help me make my little manuscript shine. And since I'm on the topic of hunting, how about an LOLcats to wrap things up?

What about you? Did you accomplish what you wanted to this past week?


  1. Grats on almost-the-end! I saw the 101% complete bar and it made me giggle. How can you be 101% done with a novel? LOL it boggles the mind. Good luck finishing it!

    I literally just reached 40K, which is almost the halfway point for me. I think. It doesn't feel like the halfway point, though, so my novel may end up being more than the 90K I guestimated. Hope not- I've put so much work into my writing I don't want to edit it all away! Sigh, but I know inevitably I will have to...

  2. Cool...I love 101%. You are such an inspiration. I am posting WIP Weds as well (mine will post in the morning) Thaks for doing this post! Love to see the progress.

  3. congrats on 101% yay. I'm only at 15% 13,756/90,000

  4. I haven't updated my word-o-meter in way too long - thanks for reminding me that I should do that...might make me feel a little more positive about this story.

    And congrats on making that goal! :)

  5. Congrats on reaching your initial word goal! I agree, it's very satisfying when the progress bars can't quite hold your progress anymore.

    You say you are already thinking about first rewrites. Do you let your novel sit for a while before you start revising? Or do you just jump right back into it? What if you have multiple wips--how do you juggle those?

    My wip wed entry is here.

  6. Um, I didn't accomplish much this past week, but this week is looking a little better!

    Congrats on your moving forward. I look forward to seeing if you finish! My own novel is at 97k with two chapters to go. Although they are planned out. Just working out holes in the book before I write them.

    I may start the WIP Wednesday next week, I don't know. Things have just been crazy lately!

  7. I did! A chapter a week is my goal and I DID IT! WOOT!

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  9. For sure being 101% complete on your novel is cooler than being only 100 complete. ;) My WIP has been slow. I'm guessing it's because I had one WIP and than another idea popped in my mind and I 'had' to start writing on it.

  10. Kat - It seems like we are always struggling with having too many or too few words.

    Christine - Glad to help inspire!

    Retard-o-bot - Keep going! I remember being at 15% and how far away 101% felt!

    Debora - Yeah, for some reason the progress bar really does encourage me to keep going.

    Annie - Good questions about rewrites, I think I will tackle those in next weeks post!

    Lady Glamis - Wow, it sounds like we are at similar parts in our WIPs. I've been reading about all your exciting travels so I know you've been busy, hope you can join in next week, would love to hear more about what you're working on!

    Stephanie - Wooo! That is great! Doesn't it feel good to make your goal?

    Crimogenic - Oh, it is hard when you have to abandon your WIP because another idea is calling you louder. Hope you continue to make progress on both of them!

  11. Over a 100% done but not finished... Oh my...can't stop laughing... I have soooo been there....

    Be of good cheer. There are worse problems!

    Here's hoping you find your ending!

  12. Sounds like you are doing great. My post is up now.

  13. My post is up now!

  14. Congratulations on being over 100%!

    And yes, I've been sucked in and am playing along!

  15. Awesome Kate.
    Last night will revising and questioned myself, why is it that my revisions are turning into rewrites?! One scene becomes two, which leads to three...and I figured it out. Cause and efffect. [i read an article that made it all very clear] if you change one thing, everything shifts. :P AIIIGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! I'm working diligently. that's all I can say right now.

  16. Tara - Thanks for stopping by, I hope I find my ending too!

    Robin, Sandra, and Archetype - Thanks for playing along.

    Bethanne - You are right. Revisioons do often become rewrites.