Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Book Marketing? Oh noes!

It is time for another blog chain. And man oh man the question is a doozy this time. Heather has thrown a major curve ball with this little question:

What plans do YOU have to market your novel? How will you make sure the public finds your work?

I like the use of the word plans. It brings to mind extensive and detailed lists, or maybe even a blue print drawing that can be used to infilitrate the publishing establishment by slipping in through the boiler room.

Unfortunately, the marketing plans that I have for my novel are nothing anywhere near as substantial as this. In fact, I would say they are more comparable to dust motes that are kind of floating around. They are out there in the air, but not something that you can firmly grab hold of. I have vague ideas about doing many of the usual things that Heather mentioned in her post, like book trailers, promotional bookmarks, building a website, etc. But what exactly any of those things would look like, I honestly can't say.

So, instead of exact ideas for marketing - I am instead going to talk about attitude. Because while the idea of marketing myself kind of fills me with dread, I do know that it is a crucial element in my goal of having a career as a writer. This means that I need not only a can-do, but also a will-do attitude - as in I will do whatever it takes to be a success.

If this means overcoming some of my introvert tendencies and forcing myself to get out there in the world and shmooze (oh dear, I don't know if those shmoozing attempts will be more painful for me, or for the people forced to endure them), or try to convince the local newspaper to give my book a plug, or even sitting at a table in a bookstore with a stack of books beside me while customers refuse to acknowledge my existance - well then that is just what I will have to do. And I will do it because even worse than not getting my book published, would be to having it published only to see it fail because I was too scared to get out there and try to make it a success.

Other than attitude, I also plan to make a point of learning everything I can about effective book marketing strategies, becoming a student of it and learning as much as I can through books, internet, and anyway who will let me pick their brain on the subject. Just like learning the whole process of querying agents, I am sure there will be a steep learning curve, but I also know that there will be a lot of people willing to help me along the way.

Okay, want to hear what other people on the chain have to say about marketing? You are in luck. Jessica Verday was before me on the chain and this is all very real for her since her book, The Hollow (go ahead and click that link to see the gorgeous cover and then also pre-order it from Amazon), is coming out in October of this year! Then head on over to Archetype Writing where I am sure she will have a lot to say about marketing both her non-fiction and fiction projects.

As for me, before I can think about marketing I first need to focus on getting my WIP ready to submit. Join me tomorrow for WIP Wednesday #003 to measure our progress together!


  1. Don't fret. The best ideas will come to you when you least expect it.

    In the meantime, keep thinking positive and working toward what you want most!

  2. Hmm...I think you and I were separated at birth. I feel the exact same way about schmoozing myself out there. And I love the way you turned this into attitude!

  3. Kate, are you familar with the blog Shrinking Violet Promotions? It's at http://shrinkingvioletpromotions.blogspot.com/. I've been following it for a while; they understand that writers are often introverts and need help learning how to promote themselves.

    I like your will-do attitude!

  4. That URL should have a .com at the end.

  5. I agree, the idea of marketing is pretty scary to me, but at least I can have the right attitude.

    I, too, will be reading every book I can on the subject as I get closer to publication.

    *My verification word is "cheereer," like, "Cheereer up! Marketing your book won't be so bad!"

  6. Kat - I am always least expecting it, so hopefully those ideas will be coming any day now;)

    Elana - Thanks, it is good to know I am not alone in my poor schmoozing skills.

    Sandra - Yes, I actually am subscribed to that blog thru Google Reader. It is the one thing that gives me hope that I might someday actually be able to handle the whole marketing thing!

    Annie - LOL! I love your verification word. I will cheereer up!

  7. *sigh* don't you miss the days when writers got to be eccentric recluses? :) What is with all this self-promoting stuff now? :) I think you are right though, attitude is key. Great post!

  8. I totally get the introvert thing...While I have no problem with public speaking, or presenting, or whatev (lots of training in performing arts back in the day), I am a total introvert and stress over this stuff like you wouldn't believe. Nice to know someone else does as well. Great post.

  9. Ah, I need to get on this Wednesday thing, huh?

    I think that schmoozing sounds like something I would be terrified of as well!

    I really don't know how I would go about marketing my book, but I feel like it's a bridge I'll cross when I get to it. There are other bridges to cross at the moment, although I'm keeping my eye on this one in the meantime!

  10. Michelle - Yes, I think I would have made an excellent eccentric recluse!

    Christine - I am the same way, I love public speaking, but standing in the middle of a crowd having to come up with conversation is just terrible for me.

    Lady Glamis - Yes, I agree with the first things first strategy, while keeping the whole marketing thing not even on the backburner yet, but ready to be put there when it's time.

  11. Marketing for new authors need not be that difficult to get over with... I think they just need to keep calm, focus on the importance of their book, and project self confidence to their intended readers...

  12. Great post, Kate... It's all in the attitude, baby! If you don't have the right attitude, the whole process of marketing becomes much more difficult.

  13. From what I've read in this chain, there are some really good ideas as far as marketing. I still agree with you that the thought is daunting though.

    :) Terri

  14. A little good attitude and willingness to work will go a long way, babe. =)

  15. For me, I would stick on my marketing strategies as well. I can still see the outcome of the popularity in it.