Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Work In Progress Wednesday #007

This week is going to be a rather short WIP Wednesday for two reasons:
One: I am writing this from Panera's and they are going to be closing in about an hour (Yes, it is actually Tuesday evening right now. Yes, my horrible secret is out - I actually write my WIP Wednesday post on Tuesday).
Two: The reason I am writing this at a Panera's is, as I've mentioned in my previous post, because I've recently moved and do not yet have Internet.
However, I am not one to let the man (or in this case the woman, as my husband gets free Internet and cable through his job ((best job perk ever!))* which means we have to go through HR to get it switched, and the woman whose job it is to enter this information has not been in the mood to do so within the past week, and when my husband ever so politely calls to inquire when she might be doing this, she snits back that "she will get to it when she gets to it." In case you have not yet guessed - I HATE this woman and wish that her own Internet service is slower than dial-up! Yes. I know it's wrong to wish evil on others, but I don't care. And even more excruciating than having no Internet is the torture of dial-up and I hope that HR woman, HR woman's children, and HR woman's children's children are all cursed with it!) get me down for long and so I am forging on.
*Yes, I just invented my own punctuation of using double parenthetical clause within a single parenthetical clause. I was actually gonna go for a triple to add this note, but thought that might be pushing things too far, and so opted for the asterisk instead.
So, obviously without Internet service I have had tons of time to make wonderful progress on my WIP.
Of course... not.
First, there was the small matter of moving. I had kind of suspected that we had a lot of crap. However, what I failed to realize was that we in fact had two full U-Haul loads and multiple carloads of crap.
Then there was the small matter of trying (and usually failing) to remember where I packed what (There was a particularly panicky moment where we could not find the sandwich baggie full of screws needed to put our Ikea bed back together. Luckily, I eventually recalled the "safe" place that I had tucked them away into to. Yes, if you ever have something you want hidden forever, simply give it to me with instructions to put it somewhere safe, and chances are it will never be seen again.).
At any rate, by the time I had a moment to even think about writing it was... well, it was today. And so here we are.
I am happy to report that the computer is plugged in and working as well as it can with no Internet connection, (for a while I forget there was a point other than the Internet for the computer and was just going to let it sit until we were plugged in again, but then I recalled that the machine did have a few other uses, and I am, of course, referring to Solitaire - oh no! I mean Microsoft Word and my WIP. Riiiight.) and I have plans to spend time with my WIP for the rest of this week, that is in between sticking pins into my HR woman voodoo doll.
Okay, so what about you? Anybody else lose some writing time due to life situations beyond their control? Hopefully you were all more productive than me this past week.
Once my Internet aka "all that is good and right in the world" - is once more restored I'd love to visit your blogs to read all about it (oooh, did I mention that I am having such bad blog withdrawal!).
And if you want to participate in WIP Wednesday, simply post your own WIP Wednesday entry on your blog and leave a link to it in the comments below.
Or if you don't have a blog, feel free to report your progress directly into the comments box. For more detailed information concerning what all this nonsense is about please consult the original Work in Progress Wednesday posting.
Feel free to also make use of the lovely little WIP Wednesday logo, recently made new and improved by Lady Glamis whose addition of the black border with shadow makes the whole thing look so much more respectable.


  1. Ha...I can so relate to your story (memories of glad I haven't done that in a while!)

    I hope this week is better and you get time to play with your WIP!!!

    Nice to see you online :)

  2. What a stressful week without internet--I mean moving! Actually, which is worse, no internet or living in unpacked chaos?

  3. You seriously made my day. I laughed and related and loved this post! I hope you get your internet back soon, but enjoy the great food at Panera as long as you're forced to use their internet! ;)

  4. You make me laugh! I love what you said about if anyone needs something hidden forever, give it to you to keep it safe. I have the same problem. I'm like, how did my past self really think my future self would remember THIS?

    Sorry you've been without Internet. It's so hard! Good luck with the rest of unpacking, and with your WIP!

    My post is up now.

  5. Ah, life events putting off my writing. The flood in my town home comes to mind... *sniffles*

    I updated my WIP Wednesday in the sidebar. It felt good to put THE END there. Yay!

    I love the Internet. I would hate anybody who maliciously kept it away from me. URGH!!!!!!!

  6. Welcome back to the interwebs!

    I know all about the dreaded "safe place" stashing of important items. It's the quickest way to lose something forever.

  7. Oooh, eat something yummy for me. ;)

  8. How about I just feel exhausted? Does that work?
    Your post cracked me up! You poor thing. I hope everything is settling down for you now.

  9. Oh Kate. Moving is stressful enough, but having your internet down. boo hoo. I've done the same thing you have - put something in a safe spot, then forget where that spot is. Glad you found the screws.

    My post is up now

    Making wonderful progress.

  10. My post is up--complete with a video!

  11. I had the same kind of weekend - not very productive but a lot of fun.