Monday, October 27, 2008

Got Confidence? The Blog Chain Wrap-up.

Another chain has come to an end, and as the person to start the chain, I also get to wrap it all up in a neat and tidy bow.

So, let's review - shall we?

The question was:

How as a writer do you find the balance between having too much or too little confidence in your work?

I started things out with the conclusion that ultimately you have to vote for yourself.

Next up Archetype had an awesomely inspirational post with some great quotes, and the reminder that it is actually healthy to have confidence.

Michelle discussed how we all have our moments of weakness, even the great writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Learning to think of herself as a "student of writing" is how Sandra finds a good balance of confidence.

Then we came to Abigail wrote about confidence as the ultimate con game.

Next up Elena talked about how confidence from one part of your life, doesn't always cross over into another.

Before this chain Terri had never thought about her confidence levels, but she finally does and you can find it here.

Leah passes along the challenge of deciding whether her confidence levels are too high or low onto her readers.

Over at H.L. Dyer's Weblog confidence is described as a teeter-totter, full of ups and downs.

And finally bringing this topic to a close Mary Lindsey decides to "keep it positive and keep it real."

That's the end of this chain. The next one will start in a few days over at Archetype Writing.