Monday, October 13, 2008

Borrowing Poetry

The Red Pepper Plant

so much depends

a red pepper

glazed with tap

beside the white

This poem was liberally borrowed from William Carlos William's The Red Wheelbarrow.

The picture of the pepper above though is my own. In April my husband and I bought it as just a tiny seedling from the Home Depot. Andy swore that it would be dead before a pepper ever grew (the summer previous to this one I tried to grow herb plants from just seeds with less than stellar results, which may be from where he was drawing this conclusion.) from the plant, but he was wrong. This is actually the FOURTH pepper that has sprung from this plant, and their are more coming along if only they will ripen before it gets too cold. We also successfully grew thyme and basil. Alas, the sage did not survive our week long vacation to Buffalo, while it sat in the sun without water.

Anyway, soon the first frost will come and my plants will be dead, but now there is a record for all to see that while I may have killed every indoor plant I've ever had (including bamboo which is supposedly unkillable), this one time I grew red peppers... and they were good.


  1. Oooh, that red pepper looks good! I'd love to grow some herbs too. One of these days I'm going to plant some.
    Unfortunately I don't have much of a gree thumb either.

  2. Look at you, being all domestic and actually growing your own food! :P