Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tea Time

Debora Dennis of The Saucy Scribe had the results of a cool What's your Word? quiz on her blog yesterday. Since I cannot resist an online quiz I rushed right over to take it myself, and while I was there found another quiz asking What Kind of Tea Are You?

I have been on a bit of a tea kick lately, in fact, I have almost completely forsaken coffee in favor of this leafy brew, and so I was curious if this quiz could accurately determine my tea tastes.

You Are Black Tea
You have a bold personality. You're not afraid of simply being yourself.
You have the courage to speak the truth. You are fearless in your actions.

You come off as a bit intimidating and unapproachable. Only confident people are attracted to you.
You don't try to scare off anyone. You're just an intense person!

Shockingly, the black tea part was dead on. Irish breakfast tea, English breakfast tea, and most recently English afternoon tea - are three different, yet similar types of black tea that I have come to enjoy and that Twinings is kind enough to produce and my grocery store is good enough to stock. I also like the occasional cup of Earl Grey as well. Really I like almost every kind of black tea.


A week ago that word would not have been in that sentence, but that was before I tried Twinings Lapsang Souchong black tea (I told you my grocery store has a wide selection).

Twinings uses little leaves on the front of the box to indicate the strength of the tea and I had gotten it in my head that I wanted my tea stronger, kind of like coffee, which as I already mentioned I've stopped drinking in favor of tea. You can see the contradiction, but alas, I could not.

The box describes the Lapsang tea as: "A strong, golden tea with a very distinctive smoked character."

This is a fairly accurate description of the tea, except I would have edited it slightly to make this one small change: "A strong, golden tea with a very distinctive SMOKED!!!!!!!!!!!! character."

My husband, being a good sport, tried the new tea with me, and the smell of our two mugs of tea being seeped... well someone just walking in would have thought we had a smoker in the middle of our apartment going full-blast. We were brave though and despite the overwhelming stink - drank the tea with the usual cream and sugar (or in my case, Splenda) and it was okay.

Well, the first sip was okay, probably to a certain extent because I was expecting it to be thoroughly awful. In the end I dumped half of my mug down the sink. Andy finished his, but he did have a smaller mug and a stuffy nose from sickness, which gave him a bit more relief from the smoke assault.

The box of Twinings Lapsang tea is now sitting in our pantry, where it will almost certainly continue to sit until I can bring myself to toss it in the trash. Unless, of course, one of my readers has a fondness for incredibly smoky beverage (perhaps someone who made a New Year's resolution to quit smoking?) - in which case I would be more than happy to send it to you for your enjoyment.

Oh, as for the rest of the tea quiz results - the part where it says I'm fearless, intense, and unapproachable? That's only true when I'm drinking the smoky tea.


  1. Holy SMOKES! lol

    You're going to DIE when I tell you my verification word. "cented" No joke. Like S-cented! How funny is that? :) :) :)

  2. I've been drinking a bit of tea, too, lately. Trying to cut back on the cofffee...I'd been up to about 8 cups a day. Eeeek. I like tea with a spot of honey.

  3. Ok, I know the perfect tea for you if you're a tea person. An English lady who grew up in S. Africa went to church with us for a long time. It's Five Roses tea. I swear to you you'll think you've died and gone to heaven. It's perfect and smooth. I think you get on it on africa(n) It's actually sent and boxed and everything from South Africa. Seriously, you should give it a try!!!

  4. Hey, I tried that Minestrone soup you posted and it was delicious!

  5. Elena - Cented! That is too funny!

    Stephanie - Ooooh, I will definitely have to check that out! Thanks for the tip.

    Jennifer - I'm so glad you liked the soup! I just made it again this week as well!

  6. Oh my! I know what you mean. I have tried this uh hum, *delightful* brew myself...almost called the fire department!

    Great post. :)

  7. I can't even set writing goals or I get frustrated. 1000 words a day consistently is way out of the realm of possibility for me.

    Tea, yum. Having some green tea as I type!

    Great post, as always.