Friday, January 30, 2009

Follow Me

It's been a while since my last blog entry and this is because I have been horribly, disgustingly, pathetically sick. The bug knowing that I like variety gave me a sore throat, cough, stuffed nose, red goopy eyes, and general all-around misery. Now though that I am 97% better (my voice still has the gravelly sound of a lifelong smoker) it is time to get back to my blog.

As you might have noticed to the right of the screen I've added the little "Follow Me" application. I encourage everyone reading this to go ahead and click that button and become a follower.


Well, it will help you keep up to date on all of my exciting blog posts, but there are also fringe benefits - not for you, my loyal readers, but for me. The prime benefit, of course, being that I can now introduce myself to people by saying, "Hi. Kate Karyus Quinn. I have followers."
That's a winning opening line if I've ever heard one.

Beyond this novel icebreaker though is also just having the knowledge that there are people willing to follow me. This is something I never really foresaw happening since I have a terrible sense of direction. Really terrible actually. Also, my memory of how to get places is not so good - in fact there are places in my hometown of Buffalo that I used to go to all the time, but now could probably no longer find my way there. My husband, by the way, is always shocked when I have trouble finding my way around my own hometown, but then again he has a great sense of direction and memory for those types of things.

I also can be a little absentminded. I'll put my keys in my coat pocket and then spend ten minutes in a panic, dumping everything I own out of my purse (or diaper bag, whichever I happen to be carrying) desperately trying to find them. Or I'll be daydreaming and turn left when I meant to turn right. And I also have a bit of trouble determining the whole which way is North, South, East, West. Oh, and I sometimes have to make the little L signs with my hands to remember which is left and which is right.

However, I can read a map. That's a definite plus. And even if I don't have a map always with me, isn't getting lost sometimes just part of the fun? You know that whole it's the journey, not the destination type thing?

So, come on. Make the little L signs with me, find the right side of the page, and click the follow me button. You won't be sorry... probably.

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