Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday

Well it is once again WIP Weds. and I am still doing rewrites. So far I have written about 6,000 new words, while I have cut around 4,000 old words. I still have some big cuts coming ahead though, so it will be interesting to see where my final word count ends up.

As you may have noticed that is a fairly large amount of new words, and in helping them find their way to the page I made use of my new SUPER SECRET WEAPON!


Bejeweled Blitz courtesy of Facebook.

Okay, it's actually not terribly secret, nor is it really weapon-like at all. In fact, some might even consider it more of a black pit of procrastination. To those people though I would say... okay, yeah you have a point.

Yes, there have been times when before jumping into the Word document that is the current version of my MS, when I might play one, two, or (gulp) twenty-five "warm-up" games of Bejeweled Blitz. You know, just something to transition me from the checking email and blogs part of my computer time to the getting down to serious work part.

However, once I have gotten through those one, two, or (gulp) twenty-five games of Bejeweled I dive into my MS and start writing... aaannddd then after a solid two or three minutes of writing there is usually a pause of some sort where I consider which words need to come next. Now some might take these time to stare into space, spin in your chair, or consider the state of your cuticles and while in the past I have done all these things - now I have found something even better. During this time I flip back to the ever so conveniently still open Bejeweled Blitz tab and play one more game (really it is just one this time... okay, sometimes two).

But - and this is an important but - while I play my brain is working on that next sentence and flipping through the various possibilities until I come up with the perfect thing. Then I flip back to Word, type that in, and if it doesn't immediately lead to something else I flip back to Bejeweled to ponder my next sentence.

There are two reasons that is the perfect game for this type of "multitasking".

One: Each game is only a minute long. It is long enough to give your brain a chance to work on your story, but not so long that you get sucked into the game and forget about the story altogether.

Two: It's kind of a mindless game, or it is the way I play it, which is to say, with a minimum of strategy. I'm not looking for the big plays or thinking ten moves ahead - I just make the matches as my eyes spot them. And I swear every time in this game that I've gotten a really high score it is when I am on the phone, or not really thinking about the game at all (although I am usually kind of a middle person on the scoreboard and my highest score to date was only around 113,000.).

Okay, that's my WIP Weds. Hopefully next week I will have finished my rewrites - that is the plan at least. How about you? How is your WIP coming along? And do you ever play games or have something else to get your mind going when you get stuck?

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  1. I have never played that game, but it sounds like something I would enjoy. I used to always play a game of Freecell before I started writing. Okay, it was more than one game. I would usually play until I lost. But it would calm me enough to get my brain working and focused on my story. Why don't I do that anymore?

    Good luck with your WIP!

  2. This is killing me I am laughing so hard...because.....I just came back to my blogger and checked to see if someone posted a new blog entry as a way to procrastinate while writing ----and here you are! Thanks for this funny post. although, you seem to really being doing well. Cutting and adding is ok as long as what you add is better than what you cut!!
    Holly WIP Wednesday:

  3. Huh. That's so funny! I don't play any games like that, but I do chores. Mindless tasks that allow me to daydream. LOL

    Congrats on your wip progress!

  4. Yes!! Have you checked out the games on the PC forum?
    Sometimes I play a few to get the old juices flowing, too. :)

  5. Ooh, this is "secret writing weapon" I could get into. I love Bejeweled! I wonder if I can play and think about fiction at the same time.

    During NaNo, I write in 10 or 15 (sometimes 5, if I'm really impatient) minute bursts. It's like my knowing time will be up soon is my reward for writing. I just write as fast as I can. Working this way, I've been able to write over 4,000 words in an hour!

    Hope the rest of the rewrites are going well.

  6. Maybe that's what I'm missing in my writing... ;)

  7. lol! This whole post sounded so hauntingly familiar... Why could that be? I mean, you wouldn't catch me playing one or two (gulp) or twenty-five) games in a row while working feverishly on coming up with my next sentence. Okay, the truth now. I do it, too!

  8. LOVE your first paragraph on Nathan's blog. Well done! BTW< I'm a bejeweled addict myself ;)

  9. My family PC has all the games loaded on it and internet access and everything, and so I write with a completely different machine.

    I'm too compulsive to get any writing done otherwise.

    (I sometimes take a mental break and play my guitar and look out the window -- I think I drool a little bit, too)

  10. it would calm me enough to get my brain working and focused on my story. Why don't I do that anymore?

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