Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday #14

Oh crap.

Those are the words that have been following me for the past few days as Wednesday has loomed closer, and my progress has remained stuck at nothing accomplished.

If I think for too long and too hard about how much I want to get done (more blog posts, rewrites, a breakdown of the rules of the world in my novel so I stop contradicting myself) I get very discouraged and then very tired. Then I go take a nap, which as you might imagine, doesn't help much at all.

Even though I've already taken my nap for today, I am still tired so instead of focusing on the negatives of what I haven't done and what needs to be done, I am now going to discuss what I actually have accomplished.

These are not writing related things, but rather life related things. However, as somehow and somewhere down the road my life things often turn into my writing things, I'm not going to call it a complete loss.

The first accomplishment is one that I discussed working towards last week - making a Cookie Monster cake for my son's second birthday.

Taking the advice of some of my commenters, I ended up going to Michael's for the food coloring, and while I was there I also found some "edible" glitter that worked great for giving Cookie Monster a furry look (Note to anyone thinking of using this - "edible" does not mean the same thing as "tastes great". I was expecting the glitter to taste like sugary sprinkles, but no - they just kind of tasted like something I wanted to scrape off my frosting.).

My inspiration for the design came from this Coolest Cake's site. Basically, all I did was make two cupcakes and then two 9-inch rounds cakes from this Too Much Chocolate Cake recipe (subbing applesauce for the oil cause I'm just all health conscious like that. Yeah, it's kind of like going to McDonald's and getting a Diet Coke with your Supersized meal. It's meaningless, but it makes you feel better.) and topping it with Best Buttercream Frosting in shades of blue, white, and black.

The results are below.

And then there was the child's reaction to having Mommy say, "Jamie, look it's Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster, Jamie. It's your friend, Cookie Monster."

And then I put a flaming candle into his face, before carving it into slices.

Yeah, that's what we call the Boo Boo face. I think it's fair to say that he was a little overwhelmed. Seconds after that picture was snapped the tears started for real (you know those big fat round ones that just roll down their little cheeks) and it wasn't until the next night that Jamie ended up actually eating any of his Cookie Monster birthday cake.

So, there was that.

My other big accomplishment is actually a work in progress that I've been secretly working on for several weeks now.

For anyone who hasn't seen one of these fuzzy grey pictures before that's an ultrasound of my Jamie's soon-to-be baby brother or sister at about 9 1/2 weeks. He/She is still in the fuzzy blob stage, but those with sharp eyes might be able to make out the head, an arm, and the body.

Anyway, my due date is December 11th, and I am working through the last few weeks of my first trimester which has been Tough. Yes, with a capital T. Most days at just about the point where I have time to sit in front of the computer to get some work done, I get this feeling like I've been hit with a horse tranquilizer dart. My brain grows fuzzy making thinking impossible, which is just as well because the focus needed to read from a computer screen causes a pounding headache after thirty minutes anyway. Thus the napping mentioned above.

So, those are my not really writing related works in progress for this week. Next week though I am determined to get something related to my writing WIP accomplished even if I have to drink a gallon of coffee to make it happen.

Okay, so please cheer me up by telling me about your progress so that I know the whole world has not come to a grinding halt. I hope you all have come closer to meeting your writing related goals than I have. And if you have any tips or ideas or how to work through unbearable tiredness and other pregnancy related maladies bring it on!

And if you want to participate in WIP Wednesday, simply post your own WIP Wednesday entry on your blog and leave a link to it in the comments below. Or if you don't have a blog, feel free to report your progress directly into the comments box.

For more detailed information concerning what all this nonsense is about please consult the original Work in Progress Wednesday posting.

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  1. Your Cookie Monster cake came out GREAT!!!!

    I had a bad first trimester. I was horizontal the entire time! But Minute Maid lemonade helped with the queasiness. A little bit, anyway.

    I squeaked out 4%. Not great, but I'll take it.

  2. EEEKKKK! Congratulations! :-)

    Yeah, two year olds get overwhelmed. Poor guy. The cake looks awesome though. :-)

  3. Congrats about the baby! And nice cookie cake!

    Sometimes life just takes over. With news like that though, I can't think of a better reason for not writing/editing for a bit. :)

  4. hey that cake is an accomplishment all its own LOVE it!

    And you are also forgetting that EVERY day you are growing a babe... that's a HUGE accomplishment... dudes can't even do it :)

  5. Congratulations! I'm thrilled for you, even with the fuzzy brain syndrome. This soon will pass. :)

    Aw, your son is so cute. Yes, birthdays can be upsetting. For the longest time my son hated the birthday song-could not stand to hear anybody sing it.

    My post isn't up yet, not sure when it will be, but wanted to pop in and congratulate you. :)

  6. Congratulations on the baby progress! Being pregnant sucks the energy out of every other area of life, including brain power for writing. Or maybe that's just me.

    I'm still getting to know characters and try to pin down the nebulous plot in my head. You know, all that starting a new project stuff that isn't very quantifiable.

  7. Those are both awesome accomplishments! And the cake is adorable! Next year he won't cry, I promise. Good luck with the baby! ;-)

  8. I didn't know our children were so close in age - my son's second birthday is this weekend. No cookie Monster cake, we started out with Blues Clues, but settled on Thomas the Tank Engine. I say we, but I mean that my poor mother in law is stuck working out the logistics of making the train cake.

    I don't know if this will cheer you up, but my progress is good! I'm chugging along - nothing big, but I'm back on track (sorry - trains are on my mind! I suppose I could've said I'm chugging along!).

    Things are coming together and I dread the end of each writing session because I know I have more to write.

    Anyway, my Wednesday WIP report is up here:

  9. Yay, a baby! Congratulations on ALL the progress and just hanging in there :)

  10. Yay for the new baby! BIG congrats!!!!!!!!!!! I love your cake! So your the super mom I keep hearing about... ;)

  11. Jennifer - LOL, yes I am definitely horizontal quite often, and I've experienced my fair share of queasiness as well.

    Jessica - Thanks for the congrats! Yeah, I think the whole thing with the cake and being sung at was just too much for my little guy.

    SG - Thank you!

    Jamie - LOL, you are right - dudes cannot do it and if they could my husband would be the one carrying this one!

    Robin - Aw, thank you. And I think there can be something a little traumatic about the b-day song for little kids.

    Jaime - No, it's definitely not just you - pregnancy is sucking away my energy. And I know what you mean about the non-quantifiable stuff - just know that you are getting something accomplished!

    Elana - Aw, thanks!

    Matt - Wow, they are close in age! Hopefully, your son will enjoy his train cake more than Jamie did Cookie Monster. And congrats on all the great progress too!

    Cindy - Thanks! I am doing my best to hang in there too!

    T.Anne - OMG, I am really not a super mom at all, but I am always striving to be! Thanks for the congrats!

  12. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Possibly the hardest WIP there is!

  13. I think your accomplishments are HUGE!!! ANd like Jennifer - I spent the first four months, and the last 2 months of both pregnancies COMPLETELY SICK!!!

    So, here's wishing you a much better time than I had. :D

  14. Umm Progress? I wish I could say I've made leaps and bounds! My WiP has been gathering dust this week as I've dealt with life... BUT my rl stuff isn't nearly as cool as yours. Well, not the exhaustion part, but a new baby! Congratulations! That is exciting! It takes a lot of work to be pregnant!

    The cake looks so fun too! Little kids are so funny. You just never know how they'll react to things.

  15. Congrats on your baby! And the cake looks great. My little brother got so nervous and laughed until he cried during all his birthdays, till he was like 13.

    I am tired enough w/out being pregnant, or having a two-year-old, so the fact that you're making cakes and blogging is huge. Plus you write a lot all the other weeks.

    My progress is up. I'm revising a short story.

  16. oh delightful news :) i've been told that if you eat a lot of peanut butter, the baby will be born with mucho black hair. that's the only pregnancy tip i have...

    the cake & pics are delightful, to be certain. what a brilliant mummy you are! I'll always remember mine drawing (w/ frosting -- how she did it, i'll never know) a delicate pegasus named Flutterby on my b-day cake...

  17. Congrats again on the pregnancy! My son's birthday is next weekend. I'm ordering his cake from a bakery; it's going to have a Todd Parr-inspired dog on it.

    My post is up:

  18. What wonderful news! Congrats!

    And your cake looks fabulous - so very creative of you! You had more than enough to keep you busy this past week - naps are completely acceptable. =)

    Write-Your-A$$-Off day helped me make some substantial progress (finally!). My WIP Wednesday post is up here: Liz's Ink.

  19. Okie doke. I finally have a wip wednesday post up.


  20. It was definitely a not-very-in-progress week for me too. Must be something in the water! I've got my post up over at my blog.

    Congrats on your little WIP :D

  21. Lady Glamis - Thanks! And yes it is a very difficult wip!

    Christine - Oh no, I cannot imagine being sick for that long, I just keep hoping it will be like my 1st pregnancy - once I hit the 12 week mark it was smooth sailing.

    Nisa - Oh, sorry that you were with my on the no progress front - hopefully in the this coming week we'll both be able to get more done!

    Annie - That is so funny about your brother! And can't wait to read more about your short story.

    Alex - I've never heard that about Peanut Butter, although with my first I heard that lots of heartburn meant a baby with lots of hair and I did end up having both of those things!

    Sandra - Awww, happy birthday to your son - his cake sounds like it will be great!

    Liz - Thanks for the congrats, and what is this write your A$$ off day? It sounds terrific!

    Robin - Thanks for the link!

    Violet - Maybe it is something in the water;) Or Spring fever?

  22. A writer AND a baker?! We need to be friends!! Ur cookie monster cake is sooo cute!!
    And congrats on ur baby!! I can't wait to have one! Hopefully it will be in the next 4 years, but when it happens- I'll for sure be posting grainy pics too :)
    -and thinking about what u want to happen in the WIP is sometimes as good as writing--I've come up with many scenes while driving-then I finally get to writing and I know what I want to happen! :)yay!

  23. You did a GREAT job on the cake, honey!! Sorry little man didn't participate:) My oldest was like that...he may share a bday with the new baby. He's a Dec 10th kiddo. I loved my first trimester because I had an excuse to take naps!!

  24. Pen Pen - Thanks for the visit, comment, and congrats! And yes I agree thinking is sometimes as good as writing... maybe I just need to do more driving around;)

    Chelle - It's true the first trimester is a good excuse to take naps, and the nausea has also been a good excuse to have my husband make dinner;)

  25. Congrats! Who cares if you are taking a break from the active stuff? Your brain is always working, whether you believe it or not!

  26. Aw, that cookie monster cake was adorable!

    I have a son around that age (will be 3 in August) and a 7 month old. I was pretty useless the First and Third trimesters, both pregs. Second trimester was a delightful respite between throwing up and carrying around a bowling ball.