Sunday, February 8, 2009

Monday Musings

In an effort to branch out into the gigantic blogging world I've decided to participate in some weekly themes that are linked to other blogs. Today I'm answering the Monday Musings question hosted by Just One More Page...

What do you use to mark your place while reading? Do you have a definite preference? Do you use bookmarks, paper, or (gasp) turn down the pages? If you use bookmarks, do you have a favorite one?

I have to begin by admitting that, yes, I do sometimes fold down the page corner to mark my spot. This is obviously not a very nice thing to do to a poor helpless book, especially a hardcover library book with the thick paper that will hold onto the memory of that crease forever.

My other less than perfect methods of not losing my place in a book have included: placing a tissue I have on hand between the pages (and with my all-seasonal allergies I always have a tissue on hand), leaving the book open face-down on some flat surface which in it's own way is as cruel a thing to do to the spine as turning down a page is to the paper.

However, before the book lovers of the world gather an angry mob with fiery torches to punish me for the error of my ways - let me be clear that I prefer to use a bookmark of some sort and have done so for my entire reading life.

The Erie County library system that provided 99% of the books that I read up until I moved to California had these cards in the backs of all the books that they would stamp with the return date. Ah, stamping a return date - already it sounds like such an antiquated notion. However, these cards were great. On one side they had the numbers 1 and 2 and on the other side 3 and 4. Using these cards I was able to devise a system wherein if I left off on the left hand page I would place the card so that the 1/3 was sticking up, and if I was on the right hand page, the the 2/4 would be up.

It was a wonderful system also because in essence every book came with it's own bookmark, but also a little pocket at the back of the book to keep the bookmark in while I was reading so it didn't get lost in the couch cushions, bedsheets, pool water, or wherever else I happened to be that day.

Since then I have struggled to find another system that works as well. Sometimes I'll use the little printout receipt that the library gives me when I check books out. Sometimes I'll use some odd scrap of paper that happens to be lying around. And sometimes I'll find a misplaced bookmark and actually remember to use that.

Lately though I have been using this bookmark that I just received from my MIL (this is the librarian MIL of the Barnes and Noble gift card who I've mentioned before) as part of my Christmas gift.

And as luck would have it, I also received an excellent book mark from one of my crit partners during our Secret Santa this past year. As you can see, it is currently marking a page of a reference book (also part of the same SS gift) on my cluttered bookshelf.

What about you? Tell me in the comments if you're a book marker, page folder, or have some other odd method for marking your page?


  1. Welcome to Musing Mondays! I hope you enjoy playing along.

    I love your beaded bookmark; it's always so nice to receive something like that.

  2. I don't see anything wrong with bedning the corners back and using that as a bookmark if you own the book :)

  3. Welcome to MM! They're very addictive. I leave books lying open face down on tables, beds, floors too but I don't do it for too long. The beaded bookmark is beautiful. There are so many choices out there now.

  4. i really like that you had a system. Hope you enjoy MM and keep coming back.

  5. I love that beaded bookmark. I what I'm going to make for birthday presents this year!

  6. I bought myself one and think I'll try to start making them. They're perfect and pretty. But I do turn corners on certain pages when I see how the author has done something I like. That way I can go back for reference. I've also had several friends from eHarlequin send me bookmarks when they have new releases.

  7. This is my first Monday Musing too! The beaded bookmark is beautiful.

    I use bookmarks mainly with cats on them or those I've collected from authors or bookstores.

  8. I would be careful about admitting to turning doen corners and {{cough cough}} putting a book face down {{cough, cough}}. Even I was not brave enough to admit that!
    Oh, is that torch fire I see in the distance..sorry out of

    But I must agree that those date cards libraries once used were very useful as book marks...darn computers...

  9. I use magnetic bookmarks.

    Welcome to Musing Monday.

    I post an audio interview with author Anne Cordwainer on the Inklings section of my website if you'd care to take a listen!

  10. Hi!
    I have been guilty of laying a book face down, but not for long! I like your book mark with the beads. That's really cute! Have a great day!!


  11. I wish I could have nice bookmarks like your beaded one, but I know it would just get lost.

  12. I use the receipt from the library too! Truth is, I'll use just about anything! Welcome to Musing Mondays! :)

  13. I remember using the due date cards from library books back in the day. With the coming of modern times, I use bookmarks. I never dog-ear a book. I think it should be a felony or something.

    I love the picture of your bookshelves. They look just like mine ... overloaded, double stacked ... a true sign of a book lover.

  14. Welcome to musing mondays. You have some neat book marks. I can't have the pretty ribbony types because my cats would chew them up. But alot like you on the rest.

    I just read your post below on writing. I needed that. I've been procrastinating lately and need to get back to it. Thanks.

  15. I never fold the pages! I just find a scrap of paper. It's fun to go back to a book I read a long time ago and see what papers I've stuffed in there. I found one from college that had Lord of the Rings notes all over it and notes about my roommates upcoming wedding. Ah, the memories!

    I love the photo of your bookmark. I need to get a bookmark like that!

  16. I love those "book thong" bookmarks! I'm guilty too of turning down the fold of a page - but I do prefer a bookmark.

  17. I have a scene in my mss where my heroine puts down a book she's reading but first folds the corner to mark her page.

    I cringe every time I read that scene!

    I have a couple of book marks that my grandmother crocheted before she died. They are starched stiff so they don't crinkle or fold. They are the coolest things, and I wouldn't trade them for the world.