Sunday, December 14, 2008

A New Career Opportunity

I think I have finally found the perfect job position, and what's even better is that even in this dismal economy - they're hiring.

Yes, that's right - I could be an official Oscar Meyer Hotdogger, and have the once in a lifetime opportunity to drive the Wienermobile.

I even have relevant past job experience from my summer as a Niagara Falls van tour operator. If I can drive a fourteen passenger van around congested tourist areas while telling bad jokes, (They really were bad. I mean bad bad. I'll give you one actual example so you can judge for yourselves. While pointing out a gigantic old barge that has been stranded on the rocks above Niagara Falls since the early 1900's the following joke would be told: There were rumors that the barge was actually illegally carrying Scotch, (no idea if this was an actual rumor, although I think it was just a set-up for the joke.) so now, of course, it's Scotch on the rocks. Yes, people did actually groan. And yes, I did still tell that terrible joke every damn time I drove by.) then I can certainly handle a vehicle shaped like a gigantic hot dog.

So, what do you think? Do I have a future as a hotdogger?


  1. Oh, wow. I should tell my brother about this. He'd be perfect. LOL!

  2. I second the yes vote. And I want to be invited for a ride!

  3. Would that make you a Hotdogging blogger...i wonder if the hotdoggery goodness can fit a car seat :-) You would look so cool with your glamours shades on behind the wheel of the weiner. I approve!!!!

  4. I'd say it's a novel idea! Unusual Travels With Kate...

  5. My boss once got a resume from a guy who claimed he had the qualifications and experience to be a business writer for a software company ... because he used to drive the Oscar Weiner mobile. I guess you're doing it the other way around. LOL.