Saturday, August 23, 2008


Blonking is my new word for a blog that mostly consists of links - I was going to use "blinking" but seeing as how that already exists as a word I thought I would go with blonking instead. Also, I just like the sound of blonking - it has the feel of a word you could use to tell someone off with, as in, "Oh, yeah? Well, blonk you, buddy!"

My first link is for a blog called Little People. I love it because it is the equivalent of a going to a chiropractor to realign your back, except this readjusts your mind. It just takes the way I normally look at the world and tilts it just slightly, so I go, "oh." Anything that makes you look at the world and see it in a new way has to be a good thing. Also in this category is the insanely cool, garfield without garfield site.

Next I have an article I found through the NY Times about how to make the best chocolate chip cookie. Interestingly, the secret in less in the recipe than in the methods used. However, if you have no patience to read the article you can skip straight to the recipe.

Finally, also from the NY Times is an article bidding a sad good-bye to the cassette tape. This article was of interest to me as I have a long and rich history with the cassette tape. I didn't break down and buy my first CD until 1997, my freshman year of college, when I got the Chicago Broadway Cast Recording. I also have fond memories of my sophomore year when my friends and I become fans of the television show Felicity. At the beginning of the show Felicity would talk into one of those handheld cassette recorders always starting with, "Dear Sally," and talk about what was going on with her life. Because my friends and I were (are) dorks we somehow got ahold of our own cassette recorder and would pass it around doing our own "Dear Sally's". Then we would play it back with the speed turned up so that we sounded like chipmunks, and laugh our asses off. Finally, my reasons for being fond of the cassette is that the car that I currently own, a 2002 Hyundai Accent, has a cassette player instead of a CD player inside of it. Clearly, I have good reason to mourn the passing of the cassette - it has been a good friend to me.

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